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28 March 2010

I met with the owner of the truck (again) last Friday. I had thought that he had scheduled the embroidery of the door panels for last weekend, but it's supposed to get done this weekend. So, I have a little extra time to figure out what paints to use, and put together a tentative budget, and a shopping list.

I was really hoping to get started on the truck right away, but it looks like I won't be moving forward on the actual painting until after 10 April.

My studio is slowly--but surely--being dismantled. We picked up the keys to our new place this morning. I have romorrow off all day, and we are planning to move Liora's and my studios this weekend.

So often, it seems difficult to know how best to use my available time. I probably "lost" (spent) at least two weeks working on the fishing lures, time that could have been spent working on the "Face" paintings. And, I spent another week working on the designs for the truck dashboard, and that--too--was time that wasn't spent working on my own stuff.

Whatever happens, I want to get the "Faces" finished by the end of May, or shortly after that...

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