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20 December 2015

2016 Goal...Learn how to sell my art!

I'm not going to write a list of goals for the coming year this year, as I really only have one goal--figure out how to sell my paintings.

And, that one goal depends on another important thing happening--make lots of art to sell.

When I've set specific numeric goals in the past, it hasn't really "worked".  So I'm not going to psych myself up to make one painting a month, or anything along those lines.

And I'm not going to go looking for a show, or a gallery, until I have at least ten good, solid paintings finished.  (That's not a goal; that's a simple fact.)

So, my "goal" is to 1) make lots of new art, 2) find a gallery that will offer me a show, and 3) sell a bunch of the art in that show.

That's it.

Now, back to painting!

P.S.  It's always better for me to work out my goals once I've already started working on them.  "Arterial Trees" is nearly done, and I started a new painting last night...

05 December 2015

More progress...

 Here are the "left" and "centre" panels in their current state of progress...