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10 March 2011

hang on tight...

Here's the progress on the "Elegant Spider" (working title) painting.

12x16 inches, oils and airbrushed scrylics on GessoBord.

April First is getting closer!

I met with the owners of the gallery, and the curator, last Monday night. We measured the space. Fortunately (given that I'm not going to have a ton of work on exhibit) it's not a huge place, and I should have enough pieces so that the main display wall doesn't look too crowded, or (worse) empty.

I have several things to take care of tomorrow. They're probably going to take most of the day; I'm not expecting to get much done in the studio. But, Saturday and Sunday will be heavy studio days (they've gotta be!), and I hope to finish at least two paintings this weekend, and get two more much further along.

And, I started a new sculpture tonight!

(25 June 2001 edit: the sculpture referred to, above, has been destroyed. It was in Sculpey, and I plan to sculpt only in porcelain from now on.)

01 March 2011

Getting Personal...

I haven't blogged much about my "personal life", mainly because I want this to be an art blog; a record of my progress towards becoming a full-time fine artist. As a person who is trying to approach my art as a "professional"--working on my art regularly, regardless of my moods, health, etc.--so I try not to let the "personal stuff" interefere (too much) with my art.

I found out today that my father has (roughly) six months to live.

This was not a shock; my father has been in a nursing home for two years, and his health has been declining rapidly over the past several months. But today was the first time any his medical staff have put any sort of "time-frame" on the remainder of his life.

My solo show opens one month from today. I have a ton of work to do over the next thirty days, and I am feeling confident that I can stay focused, and create some really cool stuff to exhibit at the show.

And, there isn't much that I need to do for Dad; between the Hospice folks and the staff at the nursing home, he's getting the best care possible.

But, the meeting with his "care team" this morning brought back lots of memories of similar meetings for my mother before she died in 2005.

And, I have also been thinking a lot lately about the many times my father helped me set up art shows in the past. I don't think my Dad ever really "understood" my art, but he could not have been more supportive. Time and again he helped carry paintings, lights, extension cords, and displays, to and from various exhibition spaces: across parking lots, down long shopping mall corridors, up and down hills (at outdoor shows); in rain and snow, baking hot sun, and the dead of night.

And he, the consummate complainer about nearly everything, never complained about anything to do with an art show.

Not once.

I'm not doing outdoor shows or mall shows these days. At the galleries I've worked with lately, there's always a few folks around to help carry something, steady a ladder, or keep an eye on my tools while I grab a couple more paintings from the car.

I'll have plenty of help when I set up my solo show at the end of this month.

But it won't be the same. Ever again.

This show's for you, Dad.

(And, thanks!)