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23 June 2010


I've felt really "lost" since the last time I posted an entry. I'm not even sure when my last post was--I didn't look. (I know I could have; I just didn't.)

I started reading Immanuel Kant's "Logic" earlier this month, then lost my copy of the book. I started working on a drawing of my girlfriend's kids (again, it was actually started last fall) then misplaced my references. I've been wantning to take lots of pictures this summer: of clouds, spiders, and a couple local (Kansas City) landmarks--and it rained every day for more than a week.

Anyway, I'm starting (over the last couple of days) to feel (just a little) more "balanced". I taught an airbrush class last weekend, and it went well; I worked in the studio for nearly three hours last night (and it was a very productive three hours!) and I'm going to do more work there again tonight.

I found the references (and the drawing is coming along nicely!)

And, I found my copy of "Logic", and am (slowly) working my way through the introduction.

Now it it would only stop raining for a day or two...

10 June 2010

Adding some tags...

I was told about "labels" today, and I've added some labels to some of my recent posts, in the hopes that maybe more people will check out (and perhaps "follow") this blog.

Yes, I'm writing this primarily for me, but it would be nice to have some feedback, or know that at least some of what I'm up to is interesting to someone.

We'll see...

03 June 2010

Another New (Nude) Drawing...

This is from a couple weeks ago, the weekly life-drawing session that I attend every couple weeks (or so). I'm hoping to get to another one of these a week from tonight (and, I'm also hoping to attend a different drawing group this coming Sunday. More on that, if I actually do attend...)

The pose lasted about an hour and twenty minutes (not including breaks).

Approx. 16 x 20, charcoal on toned paper...