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15 March 2010

Progress is relative...

I met with another potential freelance client yesterday. He owns a customized "show truck", and he wants to re-do the interiour. So, I'm going to spend part of this week sketching possible colour schemes for the dashboard, and meet with him this weekend to discuss whether he also wants me to do the actual painting.

(Yes, I'm going to get paid for the sketches.)

If he does ask me to paint the new dashboard, I'm going to have to talk to some automotive painting guys, to find out what sort of primer--and paints--to use on the vinyl dashboard parts...)

He also wants a mural painted on the truck's bed-cover, but there isn't enough time for him to get the interiour re-done, and paint the bed-cover, before the truck show season starts at the end of April.

So, that may be a project for the fall. (I certainly hope so!)

I worked in the studio for a short while yesterday, and I'm going to head downstairs and get some more work done tonight.

My art seems to be going so very slowly these days. I don't like it...

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