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22 April 2012

The Walk...

I found this image the other day as I was removing some old images from my computer. This was a piece I installed at the Kansas City Art Institute, along the ceiling of a hallway in one of the lecture buildings, probably somwhere in 2006. I started with one spider on Monday, and added another spider every day for the rest of the week. Several times, I watched students walking down the hallway, only to jump noticibly as they realized that there were several large spiders above them. I think all five of these spiders have been lost. Oh, well. There will be more...!

06 April 2012

Another Month, Another Show...

This has been an absolutely crazy year, but I think the craziness may be coming to (a bit of) a close.

I really need a chance to rest!

Over the past few weeks, I've been busy with some "side" (freelance) projects. I was asked to build a 48x48-inch panel for an old painting by a friend of mine; the canvas had been rolled up in her garage for years. Mounting the canvas onto a panel will help keep in in better shape--and if she wants to do some restoration (re-painting some of the most-cracked areas) it'll be easier to do on a rigid support.

I'm also working on refinishing an old frame for another client, and two weeks ago I helped another client hang some paintings before a bridal shower she was hosting in her home that evening.

And I'm also doing some airbrushing on a painting that's being restored by a conservationist I've worked with on several projects, already.

All this has meant some (much-appreciated/much needed) extra money--but it has also meant that I won't have any "new" work at tomorrow night's opening of the April group show.

Oddly enough, I'm not terribly bothered with that; I think I probably made more money from the side projects, than I would have from any paintings I might have been able to complete, if I hadn't been working on the side projects instead. (In the short term, at least. Eventually, those paintings would have sold, and brought in more money, but there's no guargantee they would have sold at this particular time, this particular show...).


I'm re-doing the preliminary drawings for The Presentation of Spiders, as I'm starting the painting over--from "scratch".

I'm doing this piece "right" this time; starting with a full (tonal, as well as compositional) drawing, which will be followed by a full (probably airbrushed, possibly in oils!) grisaille, then finished with an overpainting in transparent and opaque layers of oil paint.

Stip-by-step photos coming soon.