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19 October 2013

Another Week Ends...

It's been a very busy week. I have painted more this week (after a very disappointing three (!) hours--yes, total!) in the studio last week, I will have painted about twelve hours total, or more, by tomorrow night.

We saw Neko Case Tuesday night, and it was everything I expected, and more. For the most part, the sound was very good, though there were some parts I wish had been clearer. Her voice is just as good live as it is in the studio (not that I expected that to be different) and her band is incredible. I've rarely heard such good musicians simply serve the songs, with very little grandstanding or "noodling around" between tunes.

The new album is growing on me, too. I still don't think it's as good as "Middle Cyclone" or "Fox Confessor Brings the flood" but it's very good.

I ordered "Furnace Room Lullaby" today.

So much more music to know.

I'm hoping to paint for at least five hours tomorrow--though I'll be happy with three. And I should have most of the day Sunday, though I do need to need to spend some time in the garage, woodworking.

Have a great weekend!

08 October 2013


I've been working on "The Presentation of Spiders", still hoping to have it finished before 2014 starts.