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14 September 2014

Figure Painting Workshop

I spent yesterday and today in a basement studio 40 minutes from mine, in a figure painting workshop led by Romel de la Torre.  This was the first professional instruction I've received since graduating from KCAI in 2005.

I really enjoyed the workshop, but it expect that the long-term benefits won't become apparent until I have had some time to actually apply what I learned, to my own (future) work.  It's going to take a while to fully process everything I learned/discovered during this experience.

Yesterday, we watched Romel start a figure painting from the model, and then we started our own figure paintings, also from a live model.  This morning, we observed as Romel finished his, then he gave us pointers and advice as we finished ours.

It was over far too quickly.

I took several pages of notes, and photos of Romel's and my paintings in progress.

Here's my completed painting:

I didn't start this with any goal other than to learn.  I didn't even have in mind any specific things I wanted to learn.  I certainly didn't intend to have a finished painting, or "product", when it was over--and, I basically don't.  What I do have is a set of experienced that have shown me some news ways of approaching colour, value, and form...!