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06 March 2010

A Wonderful Evening...With Art!

Liora and I attended Kansas City "First Friday" last night. Art galleries all over the city have their opening exhibitions on the First Friday of each month, so it's nearly impossible to visit more than a few galleries over the course of a single evening. (Most of the galleries are only open from 7 until 9 PM for First Fridays.) I chose to start our evening of gallery-hopping by visiting two of the three galleries that have been recommended to me as places where I might consider showing my Face series when it's ready.

The first gallery we visited seemed like a nice enough space; snacks were laid out nicely, and there was even a small bar (complete with bartender). And, the place was packed--always a good sign! I was handed a beer, and turned around to see a good friend of ours. (First Fridays is great for running into people you know...!) Our friend quickly informed me that it was this gallery's final exhibit; the space has been sold, and it isn't certain--yet--whether the new owner will continue to run the space as a gallery, or not.

Across the street was another gallery that had been recommended to me as one I should check out. Stepping inside, I realized that this gallery actually consisted of several different rooms. There was a refreshing "mix" of artwork, and some of the pieces would nicely "complement" my own stuff.

We did wander to a couple other galleries in the vicinity, and enjoyed some amazing sweets at a nearby cholatier. We saw some very nice figurative paintings, some really cool sculptures, and some edgy (and delightfully fun) erotic photography.

About 8:45PM, we ran into another friend, who recommended a show at a gallery we hadn't yet visited last night. We walked the three blocks as quickly as we could, but we arrived just as the place closed. I'd still like to catch the show there, which should be possible; most of these exhibits stay up for a full month.

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