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03 March 2010

Several Different Irons, in Several Different Fires...

I posted an ad to Craig's List a short while ago, hoping to pick up some airbrushing jobs. I've had emails from two people so far; someone who wants a design airbrushed onto the side of his jet-ski, and another person who wants a motorcycle custom-painted in time for spring.

I've sent quotes to both people, and I'm waiting to find out if my offers are accepted.

I always feel conflicting emotions about doing this sort of work. The money would be nice--we can definitely use some extra cash right now! Plus, doing these jobs would almost certainly lead to more work, meaning even more money over the summer.

Not a bad thing, but--

--it's not always easy to find time to work on my own stuff while I'm working on commissioned projects. (It's not always easy to find time to work on my own stuff, regardless!) My latest paintings have already taken longer than I expected them to, and the "fishing lure" project has set them back another couple of weeks, if not longer.

No matter who we are, we only have twenty-four hours in a day.

Better make the most of them!

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