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23 December 2013

All That End-of-the-Year Type Stuff...

With about a week (or so) left 'til 2014, my mind is constantly racing through a list of "all the projects I can actually complete before the end of the year." This close to year's end, it's not a long list, but there are a few things I'd still like to get done:

I've been glazing the small "spider legs" painting, and I should be able to complete the painting by the 31st. (See photo...)

I'm also working on the T-shirt design for the SnowFlake--the science fiction convention. (I'm going to work some more on it--and hopefully finish it--tonight!)

And, I have a painting in my studio right now, which is covered in old, yellowed varnish. I've been asked to remove the old varnish, and varnish it with a coat of fresh coat. The frame also needs some TLC. The clients aren't in any hurry, so it doesn't have to be done by New Year's Day--but it would be nice to get it a little closer to done, before a week from Tuesday.

Then, in January, I've promised to donate a small painting to The Kansas City Artists' Coalition's annual auction/fundraiser (due 20 January), and I may have a drawing student taking lessons from me starting next month.

And I'd really love to have a few more small spider paintings done in time for SnowFlake in February.

After that, I'm going to really work hard on my next "portfolio" of spider paintings, of which The Presentation of Spiders is only the beginning...