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31 January 2012

Moving Pictures...

Once again, the walls at home are (more or less). We took the art to Apex Gallery on Sunday afternoon--those paintings that were ready to hang, anyway.

I have at least three more paintings that...





...but which should be done in time to hang them on Friday. One of them is, so far, the best spider painting I've done! Another is the 8th in my series of "Invented Facts". There will be seven of the "Invented Faces" in this show, which (I think) is more than I've ever exhibited at one time in one place.

I was nervous about having my solo show in February, 'cause the weather here can turn pretty nasty this time of year. But, this week in Kansas City it's been amazing; sunny, upper 50s during the day. If this continues, the opening Friday might be much better attended than I had dared to hope.

So, if you're in KC, and going to be out and about this Friday, stop by the Apex Gallery at 1819 Wyandotte (inside Crossroads Dentistry), have some wine and chees, and say "hello".

26 January 2012

Show Don't Tell...

I'm starting to accumulate small, unfinished paintings--which is a good thing!

It means there's a good chance of having several new paintings at the February opening, which takes place one week from tomorrow. (No pressure!) I'm installing the show Sunday, though I'm going to keep painting. It's very possible that I'll have more new paintings needing to be put up Friday afternoon--right before the show opens.

That's the way it goes 'round here!

But, after the opening, I'm going to "switch gears", and get to work on two or three larger, more elaborate paintings. My goal is to finish those in February, and install them in time for the March opening.

Then I have March to continue working on larger, more elaborate stuff which will "debut" at the April opening.

I have lots of new ideas, and I'm fairly pleased with the new paintings--large and small--so far.

More photos coming soon!

I mean it.

Meanwhile, here's a "teaser". You might recognize this, and you might also remember that I promised not to post it until after the February opening. Well, I haven't broken that promise--this is only a "detail" shot, and even this section of the painting is not (quite) finished.


And, if you can get to the APEX Gallery, 1809 Wyandotte, Kansas City Missouri, next Friday evening between 6 and 9 PM, you'll get to see this piece in all its glory...

13 January 2012


The year stretches before me like an unpaved pathway; it is up to me to choose where it will lead, and how to build it for ease of travel, etc.

I have lots of ideas, and I've tried to keep focused on the ones that will advance my art in the right direction.

Time-management has been the thing I've complained about most in this blog, so far. I (think I'm finally) at a place where I won't have to keep making those complaints. Most people make their New Year's Reolutions as (or after) the year starts, and then they have to figure out hwo to make big changes in their lives as the year is already passing.

I started work on the stuff I wanted to accomplish this year, while it was still last year. I'm already watching less TV, spending (wasting) far less time online, getting more exercise, eating better--and I'm getting better organized every day.

I believe I have some really good ideas for my next several paintings. Once the January show is set up, I'm going to spend February working on two new paintings that I hope to have ready in time for the March opening. Then, I'll spend March working on the next two paintings, to have them ready in time for the April opening!

If all goes well this year, I will:

1) Paint only on panel (no more paintings on canvas!)

2) Learn to airbrush using oils!

3) Assemble my hand-made panels using dove-tail joinery, as well as routing or hand-caving their edges (so I won't have buy frames)

4) Hand carve the spider "sculptures" from now on

5) Build a better bookshelf for under my drafting table (something I've been wanting to do for years)

6) Schedule at least one exhibit of my art somewhere not in Kansas or Missouri

I think these are reasonable goals, and they'll keep me heading in the right direction.

What are your plans for 2012?