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23 August 2014

Prints of "Elizabeth" now available!

The prints of "Elizabeth" are here, and they look awesome!  These are limited to 250 high-quality giclee prints on acid-free paper, signed/numbered with certificates of authenticity, archival materials throughout.  Definitely suitable for framing!  Choose from 8x10 (matted to 11x14) for $35.00 (plus s&h) or 11x14 (matted to 16x20) for $50.00 (+ s&h).

To order, please send me your name, email address, shipping address, specify print size and quantity, and I'll send you an invoice.  PayPal, all Major credit cards accepted.

Prints make unique gifts!

The image in the previous post is just to give you a rough idea of what your print of "Elizabeth" will look like; the actual prints look much better, and show lots more detail.  The colour in these prints is truly amazing.  Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.


10 August 2014

Meet "Elizabeth"...

Well, I finished her in time for the show yesterday!  There are (as always) lots of things I could improve, but I'm going to save those for my next paintings, and call this one finished!

Liora named her Elizabeth...

08 August 2014


I was planning to wait until tomorrow to post this, but there's a ton of  "family stuff" going on this weekend, so I might not get around to this 'til early next week, and I wanted a record of this now.

Liora hasn't named her, yet, but she's very nearly complete...