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02 March 2010

Another life drawing...

I'm hoping to attend another life drawing session this Thursday. (I want to have the majorit of the commissioned project finished by then, or I'll have to stay home and get more airbrushing done this Thursday night, same as I did last week...)

I haven't been to life drawing in a while (only once this year so far) and I'm still hoping to average twice a month all year--twenty-four sessions: twenty-four drawings!

There are lots of reasons I recommend that artists find a local life drawing gorup to attend: it's valuable practice, sometimes I can use the drawings as reference images for paintings, I've sold some of my drawings, and I've donated several of them to a local AIDS fundraiser. (They make great gifts, too!)

Every now and then, I leave the session with a drawing I feel is nice enough that I want to keep it for myself.

Such was the case with this one (if I may say so myself) Caroline, from a few years ago...

11 x 14, charcoal pencils on toned paper. (Approximately one and a half hours.)

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