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28 February 2010


I spent a decent portion of yesterday in the studio, working on the fishing lures. I finished four of them, including clear-coating them; I've been asked to re-paint sixteen of them, total, for the client. I'm using Golden Hard MSA Gloss Varnish as the clear-coat, as it is supposedly a very tough, durable (and, water-proof!) finish. I'm applying it with a very cheap brush, but I'm cleaning the brush with distilled turpentine. I've been able to keep the brush clean enough that it remains usable.

So far, so good. (I'll post pictures of my progress, later this evening.)

I'm a bit less than halfway done with these things. I had hoped to have them finished yesterday or today, but that isn't going to happen. I'm going to spend a few hours tonight working on them, and I will be able to get them all done later this week.

They're looking good so far (in my opinion, anyway), so I hope my client isn't too upset that they're not quite done yet.

These are commercially-made fishing lures, made of styrene plastic. (I didn't sculpt them.) I was hired to repaint them, since the original "factory" paint jobs had become very worn, through heavy use.)

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