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30 September 2010

Another show!

Well, liora and I went to the gallery last night to remove my paintings, and there's a "sequel" of sorts ("Love Life 2") scheduled for February. The owner of the gallery wants the artists who showed there in September, to show again in February.

So, I guess it'll be a "preview" of the new stuff, before the solo show. I'm not going to show nearly as much work in February (even though I'd better have tons of stuff ready by then), but I do plan to give folks a "taste" of what I've been up to.

And, I'm going to have flyers there promoting the solo show. (I mean, I know lots of people, but the owner of this gallery knows everyone, so if I can get a few of the folks who show up in February to come to my show in April, too, well, more is better.)

But, it doesn't look like I'll be getting much sleep 'til April!

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