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25 October 2010

I haven't been in the studio (to actually work) in several days.

We spent this part weekend at a very enjoyable and informative seminar, but it kept us away from the house Friday night, pretty much all day Saturday (we arrived home around midnight) and again 'til the late afternoon yesterday. Last night, we got together with friends for dinner and a (DVD) movie.

It's fun, and I don't begrudge our friends a bit, but I'm feeling very "out of balance".

And the week isn't looking good, as far as having much time to spend in the studio.

Tonight, I did finish the basic assembly of a large panel, which will become my next "major" painting. I've been working on the drawing for several weeks, and I'm nearly ready to transfer it to the prepared panel, and really start "finishing" the drawing--but I probably won't have time to prepare the panel, this week.

I have completed the armature for the commissioned spider sculpture (see photo) and I have started work on two other paintings.

But I have a great deal of work to do before November ends, in order to really feel "caught up".

I hope I make it!

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