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03 September 2010

Another finished painting!

I've been working on this for a couple months, or several years, depending on how you look at such things.

I painted a "background" on this panel back in 2005, but never did anything else to it. About a year ago, realizing that the original background was "weak" (and quite dusty), I re-painted the background.

A couple months ago, I repainted it again, making it more "dramatic", then began working on actually painting something (other than background) on the panel.

(Given that oil paints become more transparent over time, in about fifty years or so, this thing ought to look really spectacular, with it's dozens of layers of green and blue paint!)

So, this is Arachnoverte, oils on panel, 9x27 inches.

It's going in the show tonight, at 1809 McGee Street, about three hours from now!

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