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16 September 2010


I visited the gallery again last Sunday. I had hoped to make some real progress on a new painting, but the windy day combined with a sputtering airbrush, and I wasn't happy with the results. At one point, I even borrowed a can of Montana Gold spraypaint, but although I loved the coverage, it didn't adhere to the panel the way I wanted. The paint stayed on the surface (almost like a layer of pastel dust), and was easily wiped away, leaving nasty, thin streaks where intense, velvety colour had been.

After only a couple hours (having intended to stay for three or four), I started packing up my gear, feeling upset that I hadn't accomplished anything, and starting to feel that the afternoon had been a waste. I said good-bye to everyone, and the owner of the gallery stepped outside to invited me to come back and paint again next month.

He also told me that he was interested in buying one of my paintings, and he was bringing some out-of-town friends of his through the gallery this coming weekend, to see the show.

So, it looks like two of the paintings in the show are "spoken for".

And, the trip to the gallery was not a waste, after all.

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