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23 February 2010

This is the new stuff...

I began working on a new series of paintings last Spring, hoping to have the series completed in a few months; by the end of last year, at the latest. (I've always been a relatively slow painter; I should have known that making thirteen relatively small pieces would take me longer than that--although I'm actually pleased that I've been discipined enough to continue working on the same series for an entire year!) I now have seven or eight paintings of the paintings finished, three or four well under way, and another two "off to a good start".

My goal is to have the thirteen-painting "Invented Face" series ready to exhibit before this Summer starts. I'm calling these "invented faces", since I'm using multiple references to start each one, but finishing them from imagination. They are portraits in a sense, but not of actual/specific people.
Anyway, this is Adam (copyright 2009 Keith Russell): oil on canvas, 12 x 16 inches.

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