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22 February 2010


I haven't worked with my airbrushes in a few weeks. I taught a private lesson in January, but I've been working in oils since then. I've just been given a small commissioned airbrush project, and I've just finished getting the objects sanded, and was all set to start airbrushing. Now, I knew that one of the two tanks of nitrogen that I leased was empty, but I thought the other one was still full, or at least mostly full.

Turns out, it was empty too!

I was really hoping to start airbrushing tonight, having spent the last several days sanding them. I'm working a full day tomorrow, so I'll have to swap out one of the tanks, and get started on the airbrushing, Wednesday evening--two days later than originally planned.

Since I'm working all day Thursday as well, I'll have to work on them Friday, and Saturday. I'm hoping to get them back to their owner on Sunday.

I was feeling really good, like I wasn't very far behind, and would actually get them painted without having to feel terribly rushed.

Not any more...

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