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16 February 2010


I found out today that I'm not working March fifth. First Friday. Time to visit some galleries! There are three places I'm hoping to visit--all recommended to me by other artists--that might be a good "fit" for my latest series of paintings. I don't know how close to each other the three galleries are; I might not be able to visit all three of them in one evening. Still, I should be able to check out at least two of them on 5 March.

I'm looking forward to finding out what the art there looks like. Are they exhibiting art similar to my own work? What are the prices like? How is the work displayed? How do these galleries support/promote their artists?

I'm still not sure how to go about actually contacting a gallery, if it turns out that I think I've found one that "feels" right for my work. Finding one that seems like a "good fit" is the first step.

The Face paintings are coming along (although I'd hoped to have all thirteen of them completed months ago). I have four of them completely finished, three others very nearly so, and three others "well along"--leaving only two that have yet to be started. Not bad. Tonight, I'm going to work on a painting that isn't so far along; try to bring it pretty close to being finished.

(And I need to work on the commissioned project, too.)

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