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10 July 2011

Making the Hard Decisions...

I decided to do some more work on The Presentation of Spiders (see the January entry) Friday, and I noticed that an area in the upper right corner was scratched, revealing the "old" background colour. I didn't remember the painting bumping into anything hard enough to scratch through a layer of dried oil paint, so I took an Xacto knife and "scratched"--very lightly--into an unobtrusive area of the new background layer, and it peeled right off.

Not good!

I've visited with a couple other oil painters, and received the same advice from them both: start the painting over. Perhaps the new layers were not "fat" enough, or perhaps there was something chemically "wrong" with the first layers--but, clearly, something isn't "right". There doesn't seem to be any way to "fix" the problem while insuring the long-term durability of the painting.


I was really hoping to exhibit Presentation at the Fringe Festival later this month, and there's no way I can re-do this painting in less than two weeks--not if I'm going to have any other new work in the show. So, I'm putting Presentation on the back burner, and will concentrate on finishing the other new, smaller and less complex, in-progress paintings.

But I am going to start the new drawing for Presentation this week, along with drawings for two or three other "conceptual" spider paintings, all of which should be finished in time for my next solo show, which opens in February.

As always, pictures coming soon!

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