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21 July 2011

2011 Kansas City Fringe Fesitval Under Way!

View of my work for the KC Fringe Festival
Wine Gallery
19th & McGee, Kansas City, Missouri
Through 31 July, 2011

Bone Spider
Copyright 2011 by Keith Russell
polymer clay over wire armature
10x10x5 inches (unframed dimensions)

I worked on the sculpture Tuesday night 'til after midnight, and worked on a new painting last night 'til around 2:30 in the morning. I finished the sculpture at work (off the clock) around 4:45 today, and installed both pieces in the gallery shortly after 6 PM.

Nothing like working 'til the very last minute!

The sculpture was basically a "do-over"; I had made [i]Bone Spider[/i] in time for the April show, but it broke inside the frame just as I was taking it out to the car, so it didn't end up in the show. I didn't really like the way the spider's body turned out, so decided to start over fram scratch.

The new version almost didn't make it into this show!

I'm far more pleased with the second version of Bone Spider than I was of the first attempt--and I'm more pleased with it than I am with the new painting. It's not that the new painting is necessarily bad...but I know I can do better!

But it's done, and hanging at the gallery.

(And, being that I'm my own worst critic, the painting is probably fine, and--with my luck--will be bought first!)

Anywa, now I can concentrate on working on the stuff for my next show; six full months away.

As I think I've expressed here before, I feel that I have some very solid ideas for the next six or so paintings, and the next few sculptures. I'm going to be in the studio for a couple hours tonight, at least, drawing. If all goes well, I should be ready to start airbrushing the background on a new painting, in the next week or so.

And, as I've written before, when most of the problems are worked out at the drawing stage, the painting part shouldn't take "too long".

That's the plan, anyway!

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