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25 June 2011

Nothing to see here, move along (well, not really...)

...but, sometimes it really seems that way!)

I feel that I might have used this title before (but, I really don't care.)

It's been a strange week, and today is stranger, still. It's not been a bad day--straightened the studio, worked on a painting, worked out, sat in the hot tub with Linda for a while--but I had a "free" hour (or so) tonight, and I didn't feel like doing...anything.

I have a couple freelance projects due soon, and a painting for work, and (of course) several of my own in progress pieces, as well as a couple drawings I'm polishing--and I simply was not motivated to work on any of it.

I did work on the piece for work this afternoon, and (it's due Thursday) it will be done on time. But, it would have been nice to have worked on it a bit more this evening.

Oh, well.

The drawing for the 24 x 36 aluminum panel is coming along nicely. I (still) think it's going to be an amazing painting. AND, I plan to purchase some porcelain this week; hopefully, there will be at least a couple new sculptures in the show next month!

I bought another box of the Gamblin Traditional Gesso last week, and hope to get at least one more 24x36 inch panel this week, so I can prep a couple panels with the next "batch" I cook up. (I don't want to waste the stuff!)

I need to draw a lot more often than I have been, lately.

The photo is of some "practice" sketches I've been doing. They're more like "warm-ups", actually, than "real" drawings. (I mean, they're real, but...)

And, yes, the spider in the lower left is a real preserved female garden spider, freeze-dried. (If anyone knows where I could obtain more specimens like this--of various species--please let me know! And, thanks!)

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