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13 August 2010

Four Days of Fun and Frustration...

It's often really difficult to find a comfortable "balance" between socializing, "everyday life", and making art.

Yesterday was the second of four very busy days--days I'm not going to be able to spend much time (if any) working on my own paintings. I plan to spend quite a bit of time in the studio Monday--and I will be working on my own stuff, at least some of that time..

I worked on the photo-retouching project Thursday during the day, met with my client that afternoon. (He likes what I have done so far--a relief, not that I was terribly worried, but--and he wants the finished piece early next week.) Thursday night was spent at a surprise birthday party for a good friend. Last night, we had dinner with a friend, after which I took my stepson to see the movie The Expendables. (He leaves tomorrow for a week in Detroit with his father, so last night was our only chance to see the movie 'til he returns.) Tonight, Linda and I are going out with friends, and tomorrow night I'm teaching an airbrush class.

So, starting Monday and over the rest of next week, I'm going to really try to say "No" if I'm asked to spend more than a couple evenings away from the studio.

I need the coming week to be very productive!

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