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14 August 2015

New Paint! Willaimsburg Egyptian Violet

I bought a big (150ml) tube of Williamsburg Egyptian Violet yesterday, and thought I should write something about it here.

Many oil paint manufacturers call this colour Dioxazine Violet, and the chemical composition of Willaimsburg's is "Carbazole Dioxazine": PV 2 (Pigment Violet 23), listed on the back of the tube.

I haven't tried Dioxazine Violet by any other manufacturer, so I don't know if this is true of any other Dioxazines, but it is certainly the case with the Willaimsburg; it has a golden sheen!  Areas painted with this colour will show this rich gold undertone colour wherever there are highlights.

Anyway, it's a beautiful colour, and if you don't have a deep Violet in your collection, you ought to give Williamsburg's Egyptian Violet a try!

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