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26 August 2013

If This be Perfectionism, Let's Make the Most of It!

I've been working on the drawing of the background of the newest "spider" painting (currently my avatar on my FaceBook profile). I had hand-drawn the windowsill (taken from a photo I took years ago) and I felt that, although they were "okay", they weren't good enough.

So, I took the painting out to the driveway this morning, and using a thread tied to a screw eye in a block of wood (clamped securely in a heavy vise), I redrew all the perspective lines, "correctly" (meaning, they now all intersect at the same point.

I'm still hoping to finish the windowsill drawing, and start work on the painting part of this painting, later this week.

As sod this moment, I have no idea what the view through the windows should be...

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