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04 September 2013

We have Neko Case tickets!

liora and I are going to see Neko Case, in Lawrence, Kansas, on 15 October!

The new album was released today. (I'm going to order a copy of the CD on Friday.)

We see a concert or two every year. So far, in the five years we've been together, we'be seen Lifehouse (her favourite) two or three times, Tori Amos (awesome), The Tony Levin Band/Adrian Belew Power Trio (in Detroit, again, awesome!), Suzanne Vega and Duncan Sheik, and I saw Slipknot (with Coheed and Cambria) and The Smithereens with her son, Jeff.

I've seen lots of concerts over the years, and I'm pickier these days (with ticket prices often reaching into the middle three-digits) and I'd much rather see a performer I haven't seen before, than see the same band year after year.

Anyway, looking forward to 15 October!

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