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17 August 2013

Another Solo Show!!

I've been asked to be the Artist Guest of Honour at a local science fiction convention in February. I'm not only the main artist in the show; I AM the art show.

I'm actually looking forward to this show, for several reasons. First, it's cool to have a show scheduled, to have a goal--a deadline. I have several new paintings in progress, and I am going to finish them before the end of the year.

Plus, in addition to showing off the new work (and seeing how the new pieces are received), it's a chance to show off some of the (few) older pieces I still own--as well as trying to sell some prints.

But, primarily, I'm hoping to take the work from this convention show as the "core" of my next gallery show. It'll be easier to focus on finishing a small number of pieces to finish out a gallery show, if the main pieces for that show are already completed--which they will be.

Anyway, I think it's going to be cool.

Now, to work!

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