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17 December 2011

Finding My Way...

The year is drawing to a close, and like many people do during this time of year, I've begun to think about what I hope to accomplish in 2012.

One thing that I've been working on, but which could still use more work, is being more focused. I need to spend more time to create more of the kind of art I really like--which means I need to figure out a satisfying way to incorporate the human figure into the next spider paintings.

This means I need to spend less time wasting time. The studio needs to be more organized, and I need to try to keep it that way!

Another thing I've recently realized is that I've been collecting wood-working tools for a while, but haven't really explored wood in my art--not nearly enough. Yes, I've built several of my own panels, and have done several recent paintings on these panels, but I haven't done much else.

I really want to dovetail the corner joints on the next panels, which means I need to [learn how to] sharpen my chisels--and build a stand for my dovetail jig.

I'm also planning to have at least one hand-carved frame around one of my painting next year, too!

Lots to do (as always!)

Happy Holidays!

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