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07 December 2011

Beneath, Between, and Behind...

As usual, things haven't gone quite the way I'd hoped--or planned.

I accepted a couple commissions last month--I needed the money, and didn't think the two paintings would take as long to complete, as they have. Because, like so many of my projects, they've taken longer than I expected, I'm not much further along with my own work than I was at the time of my previous blog entry.


But, I have started another mid-sized painting (approximately 24 x 30 inches), and another small (4 x 4 inch) painting--and White Widow is close to being finished.

I plan to finish the first commissioned piece this weekend, and the second one is due before Christmas. That leaves the last week of December, and most of January, for my stuff. I'm definitely going to finish the pieces I've started (including another re-work of Bone Spider--a sculpture I've exhibited, but which I've never really liked.

So, I'll be left with the same dilemma I think I've written about before; do I work on another "major" painting (like The Presentation of Spiders) which I may not get finished in time for the February opening of my solo show, or spend my time on a painting or two which may not be as involved (nor as interesting), but that I know I could complete in time?

And, just yesterday, I was asked to be in another show--thankfully, a group show this time--in...

...wait for it...


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