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18 June 2011

I think...

...I'm finally heading in the right direction, and have lots of new ideas for the next several paintings. (And I'm drawing again! It feels really good; I kind of haven't drawn in a long, long time, other than working out ideas directly onto canvas--which I can force into shape, but not really "develop" to my full satisfaction.)

I made a quick sketch on the primed aluminum panel a couple weeks ago. After looking at the anemic thing for a week or so, I realized that it was far too simple, too basic--

--so I erased it.

And, I'm starting it over, and "doing it right" this time! I've found several good reference photos, purchased some "reference fabric" (!), and I'll be making at least one original sculptural reference, and probably a small 3-D model of the entire scene (a "compositional" reference) for this piece.

I want this to be the absolute best painting I've done, so far.


I really appreciate everyone's patience. Late May and early June were crazy, and not in an "artistically productive" way. I house-sat for a friend (who had to unexpectedly, and all-of-a-sudden, take an out-of-town weekend trip) and I helped a client hang around 40 paintings in her home last weekend, in time for a party she was hosting.

And, there are still a couple freelance projects I'm wrapping up this weekend.

But, I will have new photos of the new stuff, as soon as it all moves past the sketchy, "conceptual" phases it's in right now. (Basically, as soon as I feel I have something worth posting--worth being looked at.)


Take care, everyone!

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