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23 July 2010

Photo-retouching in the Age of PhotoShop...

For several years, back in the late '80s, I did quite a bit of freelance work for a local commercial photography studio, retouching photos that needed (for whatever reason) a bit of "help", with my airbrush. Of course, within a few years, everyone was "correcting" their own photos, via the computer and programs like PhotoShop.

Still, every now and then, someone has a photo that needs some work that cannot be done with a computer! If a photo has been signed, or someone has written a dedication on the back of the photo, etc., scanning the photo into a computer, retouching it with software, then printing it out only produces a corrected copy. But, only the original--not the copy--has the actual signature, dedication, etc.

I was recently asked to retouch an old photograph by a guy I met at work. He's spent quite a bit of time re-touching it "by hand", but the client doesn't have the budget to pay for much more of his time. I believe I can bring it to a reasonable amount of "finish", using the airbrush, and much faster than it could be done by hand. (We'll see.) If my client likes the results, I'm hoping to be asked to do more work of this type in the future.

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