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12 July 2010

Another new spider (in progress), and other stuff...

It's been a couple weeks since my last entry, and a busy couple of weeks its been!

I finished another one of the Faces, and I'm planning to finish at least two more by the end of the week. Over the last week or so, I started feeling a little bored with the newer ones--the ones I'm still working on--thinking that maybe the most recent ones weren't as interesting as some of the earlier ones.

I need to keep focused on that fact that most of the people who are going to be seeing them, won't know which ones were painted first, next, or last; everyone will have their favourites, no matter how good they all are.

I just need to finish them, and stop worrying about how "great", "good" (or "less than great") any of them might seem to me.

I started working on a new spider painting last week (pictured). This is being painted in oils on oak panel, about 12 x 28 inches. I have two more panels built, the same size, for two other spider paintings...coming soon.

I picked up a little extra freelance work this week as well; I taught three beginning airbrush students this afternoon, and I'll be working on a photo-retouching project over the weekend and into next week.

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