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29 May 2010

More "Mische" Technique...

With the second oil paint layer (yellow this time) dry, I began work on the repainting of the "Thin-faced Man" night before last, and continued working on it last night. One of the articles I read about this technique emphasized that its best not simply to "re-paint" the image each time with egg-tempera, but to refine the image each time; to "perfect" it (to use a word-concept that is rather out of favour, especially in artistic/aesthetics circles, these days.)

I'm almost finished with this egg-tempera layer, the second--and looking forward to applying the final transparent oil paint layer, which will be blue (either Indianthrene, or Ultramarine--although I have some Daniel Smith Genuine Lapis-Lazuli...hmmm, now there's a thought!)

I'm going to make good use of having all three days off this Memorial Day weekend. I have five of these "Invented Faces" completely finished (well, except for applying a final varnish). The "Thin-faced Man" makes six. And, I have two more very nearly done--and I'm hoping to finish both of them this weekend. That would give me a total of eight, meaning five more to go.

I've started three more of the faces (I posted one of them with the entry for 10 May) but I'm not terribly pleased with any of them. I am considering drawing five new faces, and see if I like them better than the three that are barely started.

(I'll post those drawings when I have them, and post their progress as I work on them, as well...)

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

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