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25 May 2010

Detours on the Highway...

The last few weeks have been crazy; lots of distractions vying for my attention and my time. I'm fighting to stay focused, though--and doing pretty well so far!

I never heard back from the owner of the truck. After visiting with him one more time, he seemed very hesitant about my designs (which he had glowingly approved earlier in the week), and he seemed even more unsure about whether he really wanted to have the dashboard painted at all.

Well, the money would have been nice! But, painting the dashboard would have been at least two or three weeks working on something other than my own stuff. (Yeah, gotta look on the bright side!)

I spoke with a gentleman the weekend before last, interested in having me teach his entire staff to airbrush. He seemed very serious, and I gave him my card. He hasn't gotten back to me yet, either. (If I had a dime for every time the possibility of something that seems like it'll get me a decent "art paycheck" doesn't materialize.

Oh, well.)

Honestly, lots of folks are being super-cautious right now--financially speaking.

So, I'm back hard at work on "my own stuff"; spending eight hours in the studio on Sunday, and another three hours last night. I'm heading down there in a few minutes (after I finish this blog entry) tonight.

Lots to do.

I'm on it...

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