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15 April 2010


Eight wonderful friends showed up last Saturday to help us move. In one day, we were able to move most of our belongings to our new place, including all of the "large" furniture, tools, and other such bulky "stuff". Two of Liora's friends, in particular, were instrumental; we couldn't have done it without their generous help.

I'm thinking of starting to blog on some sort of regular schedule, perhaps posting a new blog entry over the weekend, and definitely on an art-related topic.

We still don't have the Internet hooked up in our new place, yet. We were supposed to have it installed last Saturday, but they wanted to install the satellite dish in a way that did not please our new landlords.

So, for now, I'm blogging from work. (I know, I'm a BAD boy!)

I will definitely have an "Art" entry for this coming weekend, though (and since I'm off this weekend, I'll try to post it tomorrow...)

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