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25 April 2010

A Change in (Studio) Tactics...

I keep a lot of stuff in my studio: reference books, photos, and models; CDs, drawing tools, paper, raw canvas, paint, etc. The last couple of times that I've moved, I've spent a great deal of time, after moving, re-arranging my studio until everything is in its place. Organizing all this stuff kept me from doing any actual artwork--sketching, drawing, painting--'til I was satisfied that everything was in its proper place.

This time, I decided that being able to make art should be my priority, and if that means leaving some stuff unpacked--in boxes or piles on the studio floor, or in the garage--for a while longer, so be it. So, I've been able to work on several new sketches, which will hopefully become new drawings before too long, over the last several evenings.

Tonight, I'm going to do some painting...

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