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23 May 2014

The next two months...

A friend called the other day, and mentioned the possibility of me showing at the June First Friday (Kansas City) gallery walk.  I haven't shown at this particular gallery before, but I have shown during First Fridays a few times.

I expressed interest, but (honestly) I'm not really ready.  (If he doesn't call me back, I won't feel very bad about not showing next month.)

I don't like putting together a show when I feel that I haven't created enough new work to really justify having a show.  And I've completed only one painting since my last show (last month).  I have another painting almost finished (you've seen it "in progress" here), and I could have it ready by the first week in June--but it might be rushed, and that doesn't always lead to the best work.

I do feel a bit guilty, in that I know there are artists out there who really struggle getting shows, and here I am writing about being offered a possible show that I would almost rather not do.  But, I want people who come to a show to see lots of new stuff.


I did find out about an upcoming art competition sponsored by a national art magazine.  It's a themed show, and fits perfectly with my current work (no, not the spiders).  I'm going to make three more paintings over the first two months this summer, and enter four paintings, and hope that at least one of them gets published.

Wish me luck!

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