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24 February 2014

Another new painting!

I started another new painting yesterday.  Another "small spider". This was begun in (airbrushed) acrylics, then the bankground was started in oils.

I had wanted to work on one of the larger paintings--"Presentation" or "The Golden Thread"--but decided I needed something smaller to work on, too.  I did work on "Presentation" last week, and plan to make real progress on it over the next week.  (I'm also working on a couple of figure drawings--one new, one old--that I think show real potential.)

I'm feeling I much better about my studio discipline this year, and I intend to do even better.  I've been getting into the studio more often, and being more productive when I'm in here, too.

So, it looks like I'm on schedule of achieving my goal of completing several new artworks this year!

Here's the latest, in progress, no-title-yet, 6x10 inches, acrylics (oils were added after this pic was taken), on GessoBord.  (The top photo shows the first completed airbrushed section; the second is the original sketch, and the bottom image is the airbrushing-in-progress, with the frisket in place):

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