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21 July 2013

Circling Back Around...

I was asked today to be Artist Guest of Honour at a local science fiction convention next February. It's a bit ironic that (or, at least, coincidental); I've been thinking lately about creating some new "sci-fi"-ish art (I even drew a UFO in my sketchbook last week' and found an old robot character I want to re-work into a new painting) and I'll be using the airbrush for lsrge sections of my next few paintings.

I've also picked up another freelance client, very possibly a more steady source of income than most of my previous clients have been. And, theyre hiring me to make some paintings, as well as woodworking!

So, things are looking...better.

I spent today drawing a new figure/character, one of twelve or so I hope to discipline myself to draw between now and the end of the year. As with the figures I was drawing years ago, and then painting in airbrush, this figure was drawn using references (and a plastic ecorche model) not from live models.

(This figure "replaces" the one I posted in a blog entry from early April--which, for various reasons, didn't "speak" to me. This new pose is "stronger" somehow, bolder, and those are qualities I want in this painting...)
I remember A couple of figure drawings I made in college (2006) which one student criticized during critique, saying that I couldn't use "Classical figure drawings" to convey "conceptual" themes.

Well, that's actually a large part of what I want to do next; have the figures start to interact with the spiders.

I've been planning this for a long time...

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