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20 January 2013


Five years ago, I had just graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute. I was married,and my wife and I were living in my parents' home, taking care of my father as he neared his ninetieth decade.

Five years later, and I'm divorced for the second time. My father passed away a year ago (today). I have moved twice (same city; different houses) and have now been living with my girlfriend for four (wonderful) years. I have fewer debts, have gotten rid of a great deal of "stuff", and have made some extra money woodworking (something I began doing in college) and doing more restoration work (something Ive be involved in for a long time). I've made new friends, kept most of the old ones, and seem to have found a reasonable "balance" between my social life and my life as an artist.

I've also made some valuable local contacts; with artists, gallery owners, and even some collectors.

As an artist I'm feeling more confident in my work every day. Over the last five years I've (slowly) realized that it is much less important for me to [try] to figure out (especially in advance!) what my work "means"--or should mean, and far more important for me to just make stuff!

I've set a goal of creating 24 new artworks this year, starting with the completion of "The Presentation of Spiders" (which has come quite a long way since the last time I posted pictures of it; new photos--as always--coming soon.)

Thirteen has always been a lucky number for me; my first divorce was finalized on a Friday the Thirteenth, and my second marriage lasted exactly thirteen years to the day.

So, I have big plans for this year, and the timing seems to be right for me to make them come true.

Thank you for your interest.

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