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18 November 2012

Looking back--Looking forward.

Yesterday, I found out that my website is down; I'm going to call the hosting company tomorrow, and get the site back online.

I can't believe it's 18 November, already--only six weeks (or so) of 2012 remain.

I'm always torn, as a year draws to a close, whether to speed things up and try to finish as much of the not-yet-completed projects from the year before the year ends, or keep steadily working (with the attitude that whatever does or doesn't get finished now, can be completed next year)--

--or whether it's best to start work on some new projects, and worry about finishing the older stuff after the first of the year.

I actually began a new piece today, with the smallest beginning of a sketch. I have a 48 x 48 inch panel built, and I've been wondering what image might be best suited for a large, square panel, and this afternoon, I thought of something that I think will be amazing!

I still have three other paintings in various stages of completion: a small piece that's nearly done, Presentation which still has a long way to go, and a third piece that's about one-third complete.

Lastly--believe it or not--I've actually started working on the drawing for the next painting in the "Invented Faces" series!

So, what I've been feeling as a sort of "slow-down" during the third quarter of 2012 has ended, and I'm feeling really good about picking up the pace, once again.

There will be some new stuff posted here, soon.

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