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26 August 2012


Here is the latest photo of my progress on The Presentation of Spiders. I've been busy working on a couple carpentry projects over the past three weeks, basically doing everything but painting.

Still, I think it's coming along nicely.

Slowly, but nicely.

As I've posted before, this piece is being done as a black and white "underpainting" (a black, white, and grey underpainting is called a "grisaille"), and I am going to really try to have this finished, and photographed, in order to be entered into Gamblin's "Torrit Grey" contest.

The deadline for entry is 1 October.

I'm going to keep my September schedule as free from other freelance projects as I can, so I can really try to have this done on time.

This is the most involved, complex painting I've ever attempted, so far.

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