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31 July 2012

Please Stand By...

I'm still here, still drawing and painting--though Ive had a couple "side projects" that have kept me away the studio a bit more than I would prefer.

I've built a couple frames for a local artist, which really helped me develop my woodworking chops--a good thing, because there is another woodworking project coming up that is even more complicated, demanding even moe precision than the frames. And, I have four or five more frames to make...

I have been thinking about the new work, of course, and I've been out taking reference photos, and working on the drawing of the second "child" for "The Presentation of Spiders". (And the third child has begun, as well.)

I'm hoping to start painting the second figure this week, weekend at the latest, and I'll post pictures as soon as there's something new to see.

The painting is being done in black and white--the technical term is "Grisaille"--for the Gamblin Paint Company's Torrit Grey Contest's October deadline. Once I have a high quality photo of the finished Grisaille to submit to the contest, I will "colorized" the painting using glazes of (mostly) transparent oil paint.

A lot of work still to go.

Thank you for your patience!

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