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27 March 2016

No Shows Scheduled For Now...and that's a really good thing!

False Starts:

I signed up for a 2016 weekly drawing forum in December, and (so far) I've posted exactly two drawings.

And since I started this blog, I have thought that I should draw more (and more frequently) and post more in this blog.

I've recently figured something out; that's not "me".

Unlike many artists, I don't draw "just to draw"; I think of an image--generally, for a painting--and I use drawing as a way to work out the composition for th painting is going to be.

I don't draw well fast; many artists seem to be able to create a detailed, skillful image quickly, effortlessly.

Not me.

I have to work at it, layer by layer (I use LOTS of tracing paper in refining my drawings) until I get something I like, something that approaches what the image in my head looks like.

I think one of the reasons why I haven't been producing as much art over the past year, is that I was (still) trying to force myself to draw more, and more often, and I want paying any attention to the ideas in my head, or how to develop them.

I've stopped that.

I'm back to working on a painting that I started more than two years ago, and I have a couple other paintings, too.  (Another thing I've realized is that I'm also not one of those artists who works on one painting at a time.  I'm more comfortable moving back and forth between several drawings and painting projects at the same time.)

For the first time in a long time (possibly the decade since I graduated from school) I don't have a show planned--and I'm perf call fine with that.

I am making plans; I want to have eight to twelve NEW paintings done by early Fall, and then I'll start looking for a place to show this new work.

But, for now, I a just going to concentrate on making the new pieces, and making them look as good as I possibly can.

No deadlines, no pressure...just the at I like it.

The image is a new painting in progress, a small commission piece, 6x 9, oils-on-panel.

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