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22 June 2015

On Display Now!

I took four of my recent spider paintings to Noir Oddities in Midtown Kansas City, last Saturday afternoon.

They really liked them, and accepted three of them, for exhibit on consignment.  And, we're trying to work out dates for a larger show of my spider paintings, this Fall.

I'm really excited about this, as its the first time my work has been anywhere on "permanent" display in a gallery or shop in several years.  And, this shop is a perfect fit for the spiders, and it's wonderful for some of them to finally have a home.

(I mean, I know they're not for everyone--but then, my work never has been for everyone...)

So, later this week, you should definitely stop by and check out this incredibly cool shop!

Noir Arts and Oddities
1609 W. 39th Strett
Kansas City, Missouri 64111
Open Thursday thru Sunday

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