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05 June 2013

Building a better spider...

I spent last night and tonight working on this drawing. I had a perfectly acceptable side-view drawing of a spider (you saw it; the drawing on the right, in my post from 14 May) but I wanted something a bit more...dramatic. So, I made this--without reference photos or models. (The original drawing was made without references, as well.)

This isn't quite done (it still needs spinnerets, a head, eyes, palps, and fangs) but I think it's clear enough what I was after, here. And, I'm not sure yet how this guy (gal?) is going to relate to the web--and I'm definitely feeling a web in this one; many of the ideas I've been exploring, vis a vis webs, are going to be greatly expanded upon, here!

Also, I'm thinking BIG--as in, 24 x 36 inches B I G.

(And, this one is going to be A I R B R U S H E D! I'll definitly be using oil paints, too, but I'm going to do the majority of the painting in this using airbrushed acrylics, first.)

Plus, I'll have another small painting ("Rain!") to post, here, very soon!

Stay tuned...

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