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14 May 2013

"Tres Ragni Rossi"

I finished this little painting last night. (The title means, "Three Red Spiders"; somehow, it sounded better in Italian!)

This is the first painting I've completed in 2013, and I do feel like such a slacker, writing that here. I have been working on "The Presentation of Spiders", and I hope to have an updated photo of it, soon. I've also been drawing lately, and I'm nearly ready to start painting another spider!

And, I have a new sculpture started, too.

I do feel like I'm more focused, lately, than I have been in a long time. I'm trying to concentrate on making art, more than building new panels (no sense spending time making panels, when I have paintings that aren't finished!), or cleaning my studio. (No one will compliment me on how tidy the studio is--but I will suffer if there isn't enough work for a show, soon.)

So, here's the first new painting of the year. More new stuff coming soon. Thanks for your patience, and your interest!

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